Neo CoolCam Power Plug No Control

I just installed an Aeotec zwave stick and after much research and trial and error I finally managed to add one Neo CoolCam Power Plug. I see all of the sensor aspects of it but I don’t see any actual way to control it. Am I missing something?

Its in a “ready” state and is reporting all sorts of information. Do I have to do something extra to be able to control it?

So I got it working in case anyone else finds this thread. After looking at another post I noticed there was supposed to be a switch entity created but mine didn’t have one. So I removed it from the zwave network and re-added it. After I re-added it there were allot more entities created. One for each senor parameter, voltage, wattage, kwh etc… And the switch entity was there as well.

One other thing, I added a key under the zwave section of my config.yaml. Not sure if that helped or not.