Neopixel ring and esphome

I am just a bit confused about some things and I’m hoping help is at hand.
I am running hassio latest version. I have esphome installed latest version.
I have a node mcu esp32 flashed with espeasy mega. I want to run a neopixel ring 12 leds. It is the adafruit version so my understanding is it is rgbw.
With my esp yaml file should i be using fastled or neopixelbus?
The other confusing thing is. Does esphome use my yaml input solely or do i still need to have a light section in config.yaml so i can use the light? If so what would be the platform?
Maybe i need to start reading the docs from the start again?

As I read it you can use either.

The light will appear as an entity in home assistant once you add it via configuration/integrations.

For RGBW you have to use neopixel as fastled doesn’t support RGBW yet (last time I checked)

Depends on how you have setup the ESP. If you have it register via MQTT you may need to reboot HASS but if you have it enabled for HASS integration then you would need to add it from HASS in the integration page.

That will depend which one you bought!