Ness DX8/DX16 Alarm

Hi, Was wondering whether anyone could help with the the above Alarm Panel. I have designed my own software that will read/write to the Ness DX8/DX16 series of alarm panels using the TCP/IP Serial Interface. But I would also like to integrate this into Home Assistant but am unsure where to start.

The protocol format is located here

Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve just moved in to a new house with a Ness alarm panel. Some time soon I’ll get around to looking at how to integrate it with home assistant.

Early days for me (got the keys today, don’t even know where the alarm system is physically installed yet :wink: ). But should be in a position to contribute to work on a python library and/or home-assistant component for this.

If you can can an arduino to read/write from the RS232 interface on the NESS, I can help with cleaning up the code, and getting it working with HA via MQTT

Did anyone get anywhere with this?

I’ve got a NESS DX8, plus an unconfigured RS232->TCP wifi adaptor…

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so it would seem this is coming in 0.85

which means I will have to dig out my yet unused serial to tcp converter and see how difficult the physical integration is…

Updated to the beta a couple of days ago, seemed to work fine initially but would just lose connection to the alarm after about 5 minutes or so and required HASS to be restarted to establish connection. You also need to set the alarm into a armed or disarmed state before it will recognise the state of the alarm.

I have now updated to 0.85.0b1, seems to hold connection better but now once I set the alarm once it continually tries to set it after a few minutes. A little buggy but glad someone got it working.

sensors and alarm now live in new 85.1 update :+1:

Seems to be working well so far!

Great work guys :+1::+1:

Anyone else have issues with binary sensor? Mine delays in changing state.

Are you guys using HASSIO and duckdns?

I would love to speak to the component developer as I have spent a lot of time building my own software to monitor and alert for the ness panel (which works well) and is currently communicating to my HASS.IO via MQTT. My sensors would work perfectly for a few minutes then just stop. I need to debug the reason for this but am away on holidays for a few weeks.


Any chance you can share your software that works with mqtt?

I’ve email the developer and asked him to join in

Does anyone know if I need the actual Ness IP232 module for this component?

Or can I get a normal RS232 to IP module and wire it up and use this instead?


Mine’s about a 3-4 sec delay between movement and updating the sensor (using hassio and duckdns)

To be honest, it’s probably not worth the time mucking around to save $130 , at least you know you can plug in the ness ip232 module and it will work and you can use the ness app as well

Ive got a generic serial to tcp/ip converter which works perfectly. Have had it for about 8 years and never had an issue using the ness app etc.


Excellent to see this integration. Anyone using D8XD or D16XD (deluxe) panels opposed to the D8X and D16X?
My panel is only the Ness ECO8X which does not allow addition of the IP232 module, but now I am inspired to update my panel to the D8XD to get Hass integration.

Should work on the deluxe panels as they just look like an updated D8X/D16X panel

Any hints? As mentioned above, I’ve got a generic RS232 to IP (ethernet and wifi) box but not got round to even powering it up (I’ve got the correct serial cable as well).

my HASS is running on as a python venv on ubuntu…

Use the config utility see if it will find your converter on your network.

I use this to configure my Ness one.

Mines the same as yours. Alarm doesn’t work after awhile. I wake up in the morning and the alarm isn’t synced. No sensors and no arm disarm or alarm status.

Really annoying