Nest always "heat"

Hello, i have zoned heating system and i was given a gen 1 nest by my farther. Rather than buy another nest I have used a Sonoff TH and a Generic Thermostat component to control the second zone (upstairs).

I have got the two systems working really well together and showing the same data in HA however the state of the climate for each component differs slightly. For the Generic Thermostat when it is at or above target temp, its state is “Idle” then when it is on its state is “Heat”.

For the nest it is always set to “heat” if it is calling for heat or not (at temperature).

Apart from my OCD, this isn’t a huge issue. But I wanted to monitor (using history stats) how long in the day / week the heating is on for. This is hard to do with the nest as its alway “heat”…

Any thoughts, suggestions. Is there a way i could monitor these status better?

Unless you use your fan for another use you can monitor the fan and assume use based on that sensor. This will work well for heat as (at least in my case) my furnace fan is only on for a short time before the furnace fires. Same situation when it shuts down.

For the A/C side of things be aware that there is a setting in nest to keep the fan on after the compressor stops. This uses up the remaining chill in the system before the fan shuts down. Not sure how long this is.