Nest binary sensor person_detected


I have a Nest Hello door bell, i’ve configured the Nest component in HASS and everything except the binary camera sensor for person_detected seems to work.The sensor history shows no occupancy at all, but in the Nest app there’s plenty. The binary sensor for motion_detected works and the time stamps in the history is matching the detections in the Nest app.

Is this a known error/bug or am I missing something?


My Nest Cam Indoor with Nest Aware subscription is working fine with both motion detection and person detection. I don’t have Nest Hello, cannot help your case.

I use a nest outdoor cam and although it does detect a person there is quite a delay between this happening and HassIO updating the status.

This is strange… The Nest Hello uses the same camera API as the other Nest cameras.

This is how the history looks like, one difference between them is that the motion_detected is “device_class: motion” and person_detected is “device_class: occupancy”. Can this cause the history to become faulty?!


I’ve also made an automation triggered by the person_detected, and it has some history:

But it also says “Last triggered: Never”, that’s quite confusing when it show activity in the history. The automation is supposed so change the color of a Philips Hue bulb, and it has never changed color at any activity in front of the camera, it does change color when manually pushing the “TRIGGER”-button.

device_class is only about the UI display, the icon. I was struggling on how to pick the icon when I implement it.

What version of HA are you using? You should got nearly real-time state update since last few releases.

I updated yesterday to 0.75.2 before that I think I was on 0.72.

I have this same issue. No today’s to the person detected entity on my Nest hello

Any update on this? The Person Detected sensor doesn’t ever trigger for my Nest Hello. Both sound and motion trigger, as well as my zones.

Still not working for me…

I don’t have that device (considering bought one in November), so I won’t help much in the issue. If you have the device, there are more information in upstream lib issues you may refer, and maybe you can fix it and contribute.

Wanted to add to the conversation that I’m seeing the same thing. Nest outdoor cams, HA 0.79.1, nest developer integration setup and operational. I see the nest binary_sensor for person_detected however the state never moves to ‘on’. I see the motion entity state change and that coincides with the native Nest events, but person detection never triggers. Hopefully someone can figure this out.

It appears that some of the person events are in-fact being detected, but certainly not all. Out of 5 person events this morning (according to Nest app) only 1 of them was detected by HA. Seems like this is a timing or duration issue. Perhaps the state changes so quickly HA isn’t able to detect when it happens?


anyone found a solution already? (or knows what the issue is?)

bunp, same problem here, not always 100% reporting person detected, but Nest app is.

Nest Cam Outdoor IQ here.