Nest Cam Battery Cast WebRTC (or open WebRTC stream on another device)

I’d like to set up an automation so when my Google Nest Cam (Battery) detects a person, the video stream is automatically casted to (or opened on) another device e.g. Google Nest Hub, smart TV etc.
My cameras are currently working via the picture-entity on my dashboard and I can click on a camera and it will open a media player where clicking play will start the stream. I believe this functionality was added by @allenporter - thanks so much for that!
But I can’t find a way to play that stream on another device. After doing some research, my understanding is that the new nest cams use WebRTC and different APIs which is why the normal camera.play_stream functionality does not work for these.
Are there any alternatives? Is there a way to e.g. send the stream URL to another device and have that device open it in a native media player or web browser for example?

I personally don’t know.about a solution yet. I think it depends on those devices supporting webrtc. I have started looking into this myself but haven’t dug very deep. I was thinking maybe this requires building a custom cast app? Anyway, would love to know if someone already figured this out otherwise it might be something I look at in 2022.

Hey! Does the person trigger itself work for you on this new camera?

Nest - Home Assistant describes everything that is supported (yes)

Hi, I figured out an alternative for casting webrtc. The workaround is to create a lovelace Panel view with just a single WebRTC camera stream and a picture glance card with the camera view set to live. Then you can cast that lovelace view and it will show the webrtc stream.


Sneaky solution, I love it! Will be giving this a go over the weekend. I was just about to try and work out if there was a way that I could at least cast the 10-frame clip that the API has access to, but this sounds more elegant.


I’m glad you found a solution for this. But.

I have no idea what steps I have to follow to create that workaround…

could you be so kind to help me?

Another question I have is:

Is it possible to send the signal from the Nest doorbell camera (battery) (webRTC) to a chromecast television when the doorbell is pressed?

thanks to all

I’ve done this before by casting an individual lovelace dashboard with the camera on it. See Nest - Home Assistant for more about automations like doorbell press.