Nest Cam Integration

Hi ,
I would like to integrate my Nest Camera to hassio platform.
I discover that the Nest developer platform starting from the 31th of August will move at google home. I understood that is possible to register my device in the current platform. I tried but I didn’t find the product registration feature described in the how-to hassio page.
Someone can help me to find the right information ?
Probably I should wait the completion of the google home integration phase



Information is kinda scattered.
I see this here:

I do see it’s supposed to still be open:

" We’ll stop accepting new WWN connections on August 31, 2019"

I’d honestly return the thing if possible. Find something that wants to play nice. If I had known I wouldn’t have bought my Nest Hello.

Thanks Keith
I tried to create developer account but it doesn’t work… I think is better wait the complete integration with google home

I don’t mean to sound snarky or anything but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

There is one implementation that the SmartThings and Hubitat community have been using called Google Assistant Relay. I’d love to see if that could evolve to be a full integration. I’ve been bugging people who are experienced with it to try to make a Docker Container of it but they don’t seem to know more than me on how to create one. I tried to containerize it but failed. I wouldn’t even know how to “generalize” it so anybody could use it without giving away my personal info.

Thanks Keith
I am not so expert in other home automation implementation… I’ll wait your feedback for an alternative integration way of Nest camera in hassio

So this Google Assistant Relay that I linked as far as I know is only capable of mimicking voice commands, but it’s a foot in the door to the Google Assistant ecosystem. Fortunately for me my Nest integration works as I got in early so I will not be pursuing other means of integration.

Nest is popular, so I’m confident over the next couple of years people will find ways to integrate Nest devices the way that Google wants them to using Google Assistant. There’s an exciting new Local SDK that Google released so maybe we’ll even be able to access our devices internal to our network. Google does some things right from time to time. :wink: