Nest Cam No longer Triggering

Hi all, I’m new here and just getting started with Home Assistant and really excited about learning more about this awesome platform.

I have recently integrated my Nest cams with HA. A Nest Hello door bell and the Nest Cam in the Google Home Hub Max.
Everything worked great at first, I had the live stream coming through from both cams. I also had some automations setup with both cams.
The day after I had set it up I found both cameras had turned off. This was because I had the Home/Away setting on in the Nest app so when I was at home the cameras would turn off and when I was away they would turn on. I turned this setting off in the Nest app and turned both cameras back on.
After turning the cameras back on I had the live streams of both cameras coming through again to HA. I went to test if the automations still worked and the Nest Hello Door Bell automations did and do still work but the Google Home Max automations did not work anymore.
I had the Home Hub Max camera triggering automations when detecting a person but it seems like the detection is not getting sent through to HA? I have also tried this with Motion detection and even Sound but I don’t see anything being recorded in HA.
The Nest Hello Door Bell, however, is working great and I see the detections being recorded in HA and the automations being triggered.
The live stream from the Home Hub Max is still working great in Home Assistant which makes it a little strange that the Person and Motion Detection is not working.
I have tried re-integrating the devices by removing and re-adding Nest to HA but I still get the same results.
I am also still getting motion detected notifications in the actual Nest App from the Nest cam in the Home Hub Max.
I really would like to get the Home Hub Max triggering on detection again in HA.
Has anyone else had the same experience or solved this before? Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi, check out Nest - Home Assistant which has tips for troubleshooting including dumping out events and pubsub messages right from the feed. You can also see if you see messages triggered on the Google cloud side. You may want to recheck that home assistant is authorized in the auth flow by deleting and re-adding the integration and making sure the right boxes are checked.