Nest camera conditions available via Google Assistant?

Hi. I blew out my HA server and started over, now I can’t get my Nest integration working. I could restore from a backup, but that’s going to give me a Z-Wave switch headache.

So, I know Google wrecked the Nest integration. But all I really need is ‘motion’ and ‘person’ conditions from my Nest cameras. I don’t care too much about controlling my thermostat. Anyone know if the new GA integration supports those camera conditions?

If not, any advice on porting over my old integration code and API key to a new HA server? Is that do-able?

Thanks all.

Hello again. Here’s an update to help others looking for info about similar Nest + Google problems.

While I still haven’t figured out the capabilities of the Google Assistant API, related to Nest gear … I did, however, get my Works With Nest integration back up and running on the fresh HomeAssistant server.

Note: This assumes you had a Works With Nest developer account and an active HA integration (Give up, if you do not).

You can simply pull the block of code related to the integration from your old config.config_entries file, which is found in the ‘.storage’ directory. It contains your WWN access token. Be very careful with spacing and syntax when pasting this into your active core.config_entries file. It’ll break your HA instance if you goof.