Nest Camera state is always "Idle"

I have a Nest camera and 2 Hello doorbells and it seems that the state never changes. It used to change, but appears to have stopped updating. The camera feeds come through fine and I tried making an automation to notify on doorbell press and that worked, too. But I don’t seem to be able to see state changes in terms of motion detected.

Any idea what could be wrong?

There is currently no code to change the state as I wasn’t sure what states would be useful given what is exposed in the API. So this is somewhat working as intended but I had no intent here when coding it up.

What is the desired behavior you are looking for and what do you want to do with the state? It may or may not be possible, but open to talking it through to find out.

Fwiw I consider the camera always in from a home assistant perspective, so not sure what the state will show.

Hello Allen. Thanks for the response! Seems like you are responsible for the super awesome Nest integration. It’s awesome since the new SDM APIs came out.

So, what got me thinking about it is that in the Picture Entity card in Lovelace, the state never changes. And also that the LogBook never captures the state changes.

I suppose that state could show “Motion Detected” or “Person Detected” or whatever the other info is that comes across that you can hook up triggers to? Certainly it doesn’t have to work that way. If it won’t I guess I can just uncheck “Show state” on the Lovelace card.

If I wire up automations to trigger on motion or doorbell press, they work perfectly.

The events comes through as events, not state changes.
You can use them for automation

I am considering moving from my current video doorbell to the Nest Hello. I was hoping to get a few quick answers from current users

Are the events available even if I dont pay the nest monthly subscription service
The camera stream is recordable just like any other camera stream right?
Is the stream “cloud” dependent? Was wondering if I could see the camera and or record a stream clip if the internet was unavailable
Are the events timely?
can you buffer the stream and start the recording a few seconds before the event is triggered.

My hope is to be able to get a trigger that person is detected and then kick off a notification and a recording all locally and hopefully without paying the $6 or more service fees

Thanks in advance

Hi, have you got this to work? I was able to enable all Nest Product, but stuck on this one as well.