Nest Camera - When no motion is detected

Hey guys. I managed to get Nest integration with Google API working. Works fine. But under automation, I can only trigger when motion / sound detected. Is there a way to trigger when NO motion and/or no sound is detected for a period of time?

Maybe you want to use a timer. That is, start/reset on a camera event, then have another automation trigger when the timer goes off.

I haven’t tried this, but at first glance it seems like a possible fit.

Thank you! That worked perfectly for me.

Hiya, I’m trying to do the exact same thing.
I’m trying to turn lights off when No motion or sound detected for a period of time. I can see that allenporter suggested to use timer, but I’m not sure if I get it.
do you mind sharing the automation example that you have? thanks

Hey. So I have multiple devices (including Nest Cam) that could trigger motion. When no motion for a certain period of time, the lights need to turn off (or dim to a much lower level).

So, first step is to create a timer. Then create a task and add events. Events are always an “or”. So add your nest cam with motion, sound, etc etc and any other devices that could trigger the lights to go on. In actions set the lights to turn on, AND trigger the timer for a certain period of time (in my case 5 mins).

Then create another event and this time the action is timer state to idle, and conditions are all of the devices NOT detecting motion. This way the lights turn off only when no device is seeing motion as well as the timer has run out.

Let me know if you need any more explanation.