Nest configuration

I’m incredibly new to this. I’ve got an Aeotec Multisensor working and I’m trying to get my nest thermostat to show the temperature on the dashboard. I got the point where the widget showd on the dashboard and I had to click a link to get the PIN. I enter the pin and the widget disappears and I have no idea how to get it back.

I’ve removed the Nest configuration from configuration.yaml and tried to start over but it will never appear on the dashboard. Ideas?

Add the Nest configuration back to your configuration.yaml and restart HA. Do you see a climate entity on the States page in the front end?

BTW, once you’ve authorized (via the PIN), there will be a file (by default) named nest.conf in your HA config directory. That is a cache of your login. Once that’s there it won’t go through the PIN process again. If you really want to start over from scratch, remove that nest.conf file.

No climate entity on the stats page. No reference to nest or climate anywhere.

The nest.conf file was empty. I removed this file, rebooted and the nest widget showed again on the dashboard. Entered the new PIN and the widget disappeared. nest.conf still empty. Seems like we’re getting somewhere. Anything else to try?

…And after that you just have to add the nest sensor to your frontend as you wish, for example in my groups.yaml I’ve got:

  name: Nest Termostato
  view: no
    - binary_sensor.living_room_thermostat_online
    - binary_sensor.living_room_thermostat_has_leaf
    - binary_sensor.living_room_thermostat_is_locked
    - binary_sensor.living_room_thermostat_is_using_emergency_heat
    - sensor.living_room_thermostat_operation_mode
    - sensor.living_room_thermostat_hvac_state
    - sensor.pws_temp_c
    - sensor.living_room_thermostat_temperature
    - sensor.living_room_thermostat_target  
    - sensor.living_room_thermostat_humidity
    - sensor.pws_relative_humidity
    - climate.living_room

  name: Nest salón
  icon: mdi:temperature-celsius
  view: yes
    - group.main_nest_data

I was assuming, being new to HA, @fiber0pti probably hadn’t gotten around to customizing the views. Even so, if there’s no climate entity on the States page, view customization won’t matter. But, I’m not using dashboard, so I’m not sure how that would affect that aspect.

Are you sure nest.conf is empty? Like file length of zero? It has restricted permissions so you may have to look at it using sudo (i.e., “sudo cat nest.conf”.)

Are there any errors showing up on the Info page or in the log?

Ok, no clue what I did. I ended up starting over again by deleting the nest.conf and the configuration from the .yaml file. It’s working now. I see all the states up top, which I’m assuming I can now put them into their own view per @jolaca.



Great to know. Enjoy! :wink:

@jolaca, I’m trying to use your group from above but nothing is showing up in the celcius symbol tab. Are the sensor names different per install? I’ve found one nest entry in the entity_registry.yaml file for the nest.


Ok, so that’s what it is. My nest is names downstairs. I guess I need to read up on how things are named.

Go to Home Assistant states page, this symbol <> in the left part of the screen and then you can look for your nest sensors and binary.sensors at that states page. Actually you can look for all entities that are already present in HA. This screen is really handy once you go adding devices to your HA setup.

You’re awesome, been looking for something like that.