Nest - Doorbell (battery) - No clip preview in notifications


My Nest doorbell (battery) works like a charm. When I press the button it sends a notification perfectly (on Telegram or with iOS HA app notification). Now I am trying to add a clip preview, since it is marked as possible for this model (mp4 & gif). But when I do, with the provided path (below), I get the message but the image is reading “Response status code was unacceptable: 404.”

Did I missed something (maybe from Google Panel side) ?
Maybe I need to delay the notification so the image can be uploaded to the cloud ?

Anyway, thank you Allen for this integration !

Path used :

/api/nest/event_media/{{ }}/{{ }}/thumbnail

I also tried the same without “/thumbnail” with the same result.

I am having the same problem

service: notify.mobile_app_tjk_s
  message: Person or motion detected
  title: Front Door
    image: >-
      /api/nest/event_media/{{ }}/{{ }}/thumbnail
    video: >-
      /api/nest/event_media/{{ }}/{{  }}
enabled: true

Also tried using Telegram, nothing even happens

service: telegram_bot.send_video
  target: ********
  file: >-
    /api/nest/event_media/{{ }}/{{   }}

And here is the trace

Maybe @allenporter can help us.
Could there be a lag for the video to be uploaded to HA and before it happens it’s 404? Just a clue.

Hmm, my impression is we wait for the video fetch to finish before sending the event to avoid that kind of race. It makes events a little slower but then makes followups more reliable.

If this isn’t the case maybe there is a bug. If you have any data or debug info that would be helpful as I don’t have a lot of spare cycles to investigate. My impression is the debug logs for this and the sdm python library should be sufficient to get details on timing.

Has anyone managed to get this working?

Anyone get this working?

I have it working – but i created those examples. Have you tried those?

Thank you. No, I have not tried yet. I am considering getting a Nest doorbell.

I have tried the examples, but I still can’t make it work

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