Nest Doorbell: Control chime via automations?

I just inherited a home with a Nest Hello doorbell. I was able to get it configured and showing in Home Assistant.

I would like to create automations that turn off the indoor chime at certain times (like when my son is napping). I used to be able to do this via a ESPHome setup I had at my last home, and I can do this via the Nest app manually, but I do not see a way to accomplish this in Home Assistant currently. Has anyone been able to do this? Is this even possible via the exposed API and just needs to Home Assistant work?

Thanks for any help or pointers.


Would love to have this also!

I’ve since replaced the Nest with an Amcrest that was a local API and was able to accomplish this: Assistance silencing my doorbell - #10 by goyney

I’ve installed a Homebridge setup with Nest integration, and linked through homekit to HA :blush: