Nest Doorbell Media folder empty

Hi, I was follwowing the integration steps to integrate my Nest Doorbell Wifi.

Camera Livestream and Motion Events are working fine, but I am not able to get any media.
The folder /config/nest/event_media is empty.

Any idea what to change in order to get access to gifs and mp4?

Hi. Does media show up in the media player UI at all? I am assuming not.

Not all devices support recording clips for events (see nest supported devices, but my impression was the two older doorbell types do so this is surprising. If you get the integration diagnostics it can tell us which device traits are supported by your device which describe its capabilities according to the nest api server.

Many thanks @allenporter ,

a folder Nest is showing up in Media Sources, but it’s empty.
Nest Doorbell (battery) is listed in the Home Assistant Integration to support mp4/gif.

I hope the below contains the correct diagnostics.

  "home_assistant": {
    "installation_type": "Home Assistant OS",
    "version": "2022.10.4",
    "dev": false,
    "hassio": true,
    "virtualenv": false,
    "python_version": "3.10.5",
    "docker": true,
    "arch": "aarch64",
    "timezone": "Europe/Berlin",
    "os_name": "Linux",
    "os_version": "5.15.61-v8",
    "supervisor": "2022.10.2",
    "host_os": "Home Assistant OS 9.3",
    "docker_version": "20.10.18",
    "chassis": "embedded",
    "run_as_root": true
  "custom_components": {
    "dash_cast": {
      "version": "1.0.0",
      "requirements": []
    "files": {
      "version": "1.5",
      "requirements": []
    "waste_collection_schedule": {
      "version": "1.27.0",
      "requirements": [
    "alexa_media": {
      "version": "4.1.2",
      "requirements": [
    "eufy_security": {
      "version": "2.8.1",
      "requirements": [
    "hacs": {
      "version": "1.28.2",
      "requirements": [
  "integration_manifest": {
    "domain": "nest",
    "name": "Google Nest",
    "config_flow": true,
    "dependencies": [
    "after_dependencies": [
    "documentation": "",
    "requirements": [
    "codeowners": [
    "quality_scale": "platinum",
    "dhcp": [
        "macaddress": "18B430*"
        "macaddress": "641666*"
        "macaddress": "D8EB46*"
    "iot_class": "cloud_push",
    "loggers": [
    "is_built_in": true
  "data": {
    "subscriber": {
      "start": 1,
      "message_received": 69,
      "message_acked": 69
    "devices": [
        "data": {
          "name": "**REDACTED**",
          "type": "sdm.devices.types.DOORBELL",
          "assignee": "**REDACTED**",
          "traits": {
            "sdm.devices.traits.Info": {
              "customName": "**REDACTED**"
            "sdm.devices.traits.CameraLiveStream": {
              "videoCodecs": [
              "audioCodecs": [
              "supportedProtocols": [
            "sdm.devices.traits.CameraImage": {
              "maxImageResolution": {
                "width": 1920,
                "height": 1200
            "sdm.devices.traits.CameraPerson": {},
            "sdm.devices.traits.CameraMotion": {},
            "sdm.devices.traits.DoorbellChime": {}
          "parentRelations": [
              "parent": "**REDACTED**",
              "displayName": "**REDACTED**"
        "event_media": {
          "event": 69,
          "": 23,
          "event.notify": 23,
          "event.update": 46
    "camera": {
      "camera.haustuer": {}

OK, your devices does not have the CameraEventImage trait which implies that it cannot get images specifically associated with an event.

I am guessing this is one of the newer devices and its not even listed on Supported Devices  |  Device Access  |  Google Developers yet (new webrtc wired doorbell?)

Its the one here Doorbell (battery)  |  Device Access  |  Google Developers

So, battery?

Can you double check you gave home assistant permission to everything in the partner fonn connections manager? See the link at top of troubleshooting in integration docs

Many thanks @allenporter !
I could swear I activated all permissions but wasn’t able to find the permission screen anymore.

The last permission in my Screenshot was not checked.

Again, many thanks!

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I have the Nest Doorbell wired 2 and my events folder is also empty, I have made sure everything check so Im not sure what to do… Just trying to get a snapshot or GIF when the doorbell is rang but clearly nothing is triggering. @allenporter

Hi, you likely also have the permissions troubles. Check out Google Nest - Home Assistant which describes the permissions in both the OAuth flow and the Google Home app that control events.

Hi I have unchecked and then checked the permission buttons again and now Im seeing button press events in the media folder, Im trying to figure out how to get the person detected trigger to work now?

Also the thumbnail or GIF did not show in the notification…

(1) For people events, I would check permissions in the Google Home app and ensure its enabled for the camera first. Then if it is, check the troubleshoot for how to enable debug logging to see low level logs of events. This will confirm if the events are published by the feed from the google side, and that you’ll need to configure oauth or home app to get them
(2) Will need more info. The example integration instructions are basically details on how to pull the media objects you see in the media player into the notification

Ok I will look in to enable debug logging soon, btw here is the setup in the Google home app, notifications are disabled in the app cuz I only want that in home assistant.

Is this the issue? Just got the Doorbell today.

try playing with “Your notifications” which is disabled which may disable this

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Hmm, I will enabled the person, package and pet notification options in Google home app, maybe they are connected as you suggested…


Looks like we have progress here… So it looks like the notification automation works now, and I also see the event GIF in the media folder. Didn’t get an image though…

PS, might wanna make this clear in the documentation for the future btw.

Update 2: I just checked automation and looks like I forgot to add “/thumbnail” to the end of the URL… will test if its working fully tmrw now that I added that.


Ok so I’m getting the notifications for the person events now but unfortunately the image isn’t being attached to the notification resulting in a ‘404 error’ in the preview.

I can PM you my config if needed but I am using a notification group, not single device and am using the “Android / IOS GIF preview example”. Starting to think I may just have a wrong config since the actual notification works just not the media in it.

I have nest wired doorbell 2.

You should be able to look at the trace and see the event payload data and how the media event ids are published. If you see the same item in the media player, then everything is there that you need.

This is what I see in the event trace, really not sure what to look for here. I see “nest_event_id” not “media_event_id”.

Off-topic also I noticed it reports the zone name so wonder if that can be used in the notification, and another thing is are clips in the media folder only supposed to be 1 second cuz all of mine are and do they delete themselves automatically? Thanks.