Nest /Google intergration

Hi I have two Nest Protect Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors that I would like to integrate in HA as I slowly migrate over from Smartthings ( just waiting for a sky connect to be available to purchase)

My issue is I followed the Google integration , set up the project and device access ( paying my $5 to do so) but when I try to finish the process in HA it says there are no devices to connect to.

Lookings in the google device access console it doesn’t mention Nest Protect only

Structure ( not sure what that relates to)

So how do I finish off this integration to connect to the Nest Protect devices. Ive looked in the Nest app and cant see any settings that might help.

Many thanks


Currently the core Nest integration doesn’t provide Protect support per Google Nest - Home Assistant, much like they remain outside the Google Home app. My understanding is that the lack of SDM API support for them is the issue per Protect API - Google Nest Community

I believe this is an option - GitHub - iMicknl/ha-nest-protect: Nest Protect integration for Home Assistant. This will allow you to integrate your smoke, heat, co and occupancy status real-time in HA.

Personally I’ve not bothered trying to integrate my 2 Protects as I’m hoping that they will eventually be properly integrated as / when Google finally sunsets the Nest app and migrates everything across to Google Home.

Thanks for the update , I almost thought that would be the case. It’s a shame that SmartThings have ditched the NST Manager that worked well. Will have to leave as a stand-alone system with the two protects