Nest Hello doorbell auto response/party mode

Had a bunch of people over today and got me thinking it would be nice to have a party mode switch. This would allow an auto response when person detected or button pushed that said come on in or something like that.

Couldn’t find anything on the integration page for nest. The best app has quick responses so there is some way to send from client to camera.


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Pretty cool idea. One thing I am not sure about is how you’d play a sound through the nest doorbell. The API currently does not support playing audio. Perhaps if you had another speaker or something you could play a sound.

See the nest integration page for an example device trigger based on doorbell chime.

Is it possible to integrate the microphone with the frigate card which supports 2 way audio/a microphone toggle?

How does the Alexa app have access to the microphone on the nest doorbell? Are they not using the same API as you?

Right now home assistant is great for just viewing the cameras but no interaction like quick responses or 2 wayautio seems possible… should be a priority imo.

I don’t have a different answer than before. You’re welcome to check out the SDM API

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I see. I wish there was some forum site like this one where we can ask google to support something like this. Just wondering how Alex or Smartthings are able to do it, they must be using a different API.

Looking for the same too. I have a Party mode dashboard displaying my nest doorbell cam with a ‘Grant Entry’ button that unlocks the front door allowing the guest. But I wanted a way to announce a friendly “please come in message.” I could put a speaker out there, but was hoping for a cleaner more native feature through the actual doorbell. The API linked above doesn’t show that as a feature still in March 2024. Maybe one day. Anyone solve this besides adding a separate speaker?