Nest Hub (Google Hub) or Amazon Echo Show 5 / 8


Both the Nest Hub and the Amazon Echo Show 5 or 8 are on sale in the UK at the moment and i’m wondering which is best for integration into Home Assistant.

Specifically things I’m looking to do:

  1. When my doorbell rings show a video stream from the camera on it.
  2. Show a HA style dashboard so I can click buttons to turn some lights on/off

Also I see that Nest Hub can stream Netflix so that got me thinking can either of them stream Plex or stream from HDHomeRun?

Any help much apprecaited.

  1. I do this with my own camera, that provides a suitable stream source - sending to my Google/Nest Home Hub devices
  2. You can do this with Google/Nest Home Hub, though honestly I’m more likely to use the interface built into the Google/Nest Home…

Given that the Google/Nest Home Hubs are Cast devices, if you can cast to a ChromeCast you can cast to those. I just tried Plex, and it does work, even if the display is a bit small for that.

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Thanks - I felt that the Nest Hub was likely to be easier to integrate.

Most of my stuff is Alexa which made me slow down on clicking “buy”.

The Nest devices are also native media players, so you can use them to play media, or as a TTS (text to speech) target without any effort.

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