Nest hub max: expected entities? (HA 2022.07)


I have integrated Nest with home assistant following the latest guide and everything was successful. I got my “Nest hub max” on the list of devices.

However, I’m surprised to see that there is only one entity, the camera.
I was expecting a few more, like person detection or presence detection (or some other).
Is this correct that the only entity for the ‘hub max’ is the camera?


Hi, check out the integration docs. You are expecting entities for automations but you don’t need them… You want device triggers for automations.

But one unrelated caveat, there is a bug on nest serves where they don’t send nest hub max events, also described on the integration docs page.

Hi Allen, thanks for quick reply.

Yes, I saw the bug post and i almost place me question there, but since it was not related i did a new one.
So, basically what you are saying is that when I create an automation using the camera entity I’m going to have as one of the camera triggers different options, like person detected, etc?

Another Q. I think the Nest Hub max has a presence detection (not by camera). That entity is no exposed?


Yes your understanding is right.

I don’t know the answer to your last question but suspect it is only camera based. The sdm API docs may have more details.

Bumping this up, has anyone figured out how to expose additional entities from Nest Hub Gen 2.

As per the specs it has plenty of built-in sensors:

  • Soli sensor for Motion Sense
  • Ambient EQ light sensor
  • Temperature sensor

All of them could be massive additional value for HA users :thinking: SDM API docs didn’t cover any of the above, yet that doesn’t mean these would not be available (just undocumented).

I haven’t succeed with bringing any other entity. Although, I haven’t spend that much time on this :frowning:

I wonder if the Matter support will open up some of the device sensors :thinking: Quite a few devices will work as Matter hubs as it seems: Nest devices with Matter - Google Nest Help