Nest Integration - Only one home at a time?

Hi All, I have a question about nest integration.
Background: I have a main residential house and a vacation house. The residential house has a nest thermostat in it and the vacation house has two (one for each zone). When I origially set them up (years ago) I created to ‘Homes’ in the nest account to separate them - even though that never really gave me much benefit.

I have converted my nest account to the new google account. Then I wen through the crazy number of steps for integration into nest (client IDs, secrets, etc). It all went well, but when it came to run the nest integration, it asked me for one home or the either. I chose one home (vacation home) and indeed the devices and entities expected were set up in the integation. I would like to add my other home onto the integration but I am not sure how to do it. If I click to add nest integration (as I have done with other integrations with multiple ‘areas’, it simply says “Already configured. Only a single configuration possible”. Any idea how I can get my second ‘house’ thermostat to be added? Or is this a limitation of the nest integration. TIA! Glenn

The nest integration currently only supports one setup at a time – i’m the developer of this integration, and coincidentally i had the same need last night and was annoyed by this.

However, I was able to get it to work accidentally:

  • I deleted the integration
  • Re-added it
  • When going through auth flow, I selected the second home and authorized everything
  • Went back to home assistant and all of my devices from both homes were present

Maybe give that a try…

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I did what you said, and both home devices showed up. I picked the second home for auth not the first, and it kept the first home devices. (following) --Joe

I think what it is, is that you can pack devices from as many homes as you want and it remembers the check boxes when you change pages.


I will give that a try. Glenn

I know this is pretty old, but this solution didn’t work for me.

What did work is simply adding a new Application credential from the integrations page. Then when adding a new entry to the Nest integration, it asks which credential to use.

Great, glad you have a solution.

I’m definitely now using a single credential with two homes fwiw now for testing new devices. The UI is very odd but it does work for me.

@allenporter , I can reliably add additional homes using additional application credentials, but core restarts fail when more than one home exists in core.config_entries file. I either have to delete those entries or delete them from the Integrations GUI for a successful restart, then add them back again.

The additional credentials persist, but it makes extra work for every restart.

Perhaps there is a conflict during loading the Google Nest integration if multiple credentials exist (i.e., old/new tokens, etc.). Restart seems to hang when loading the integration.

Any ideas?

File a issue in home assistant GitHub please and include the details requested in the template and we can get to the bottom of it.

Are you trying to do this for multiple accounts or the same account? You can add multiple homes for a single credential following the details in the troubleshooting steps of the integration docs. I can see that adding the same account with two credentials could break unexpectedly and we should prevent that.

The additional homes have separate Google accounts, thus separate cloud projects and credentials.

I’ll file an issue on github.