Nest Integration - Something went wrong

I tried to integrate Nest into HA a year or two and after hours of frustration I eventually gave up. I tried again this morning and have had no better luck.
Following all the steps described here

Once done I am back in HA attempting to integrate. Once I enter my Device access ID I click “Submit” and a new web page opens. The first time the only thing on this page was “Opps, something went wrong”. I review my work and tried again. This time, after the submit, I get “Can’t link to Ha-Nest
Please contact Ha-Nest if the issue persists”

I am a a loss of what to do next

It may be that there’s authentication data lying around from last time. If it shows up in “Settings > Devices and Services > 3-dots > Application Credentials”, delete and retry.

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Well, that got me through the Google setup but once done and return to HA I get this error screen

Configure Google Cloud

Visit the Cloud Console to find your Google Cloud Project ID.

Unknown subscriber error, see logs

The project ID I put in I got from the Cloud Console with a format like:

I got an email from Google stating (in part)

Just a heads up, [email protected] has connected a new Google-approved partner to your home. Your device data is now shared with Ha-Nest.

You are in control and can always review and choose which device information is shared in your partner connections.

However, when I review my Connection with Google I get

No partner connections found

New partner connections will show up here. If you’re trying to link other services, you can add them from the home view in the Google Home app.

I checked the HA logs and it told me I had to enable the App. I did then tried the HA setup again and once I clicked Submit, surprise, surprise… I get

Something went wrong

Please contact the developer of this app if the issue persists.

Got a pleasant surprise this afternoon. I noticed that Google Nest was now on my Integration screen with the Configure button. Repeated the same steps as above and voila… It worked.