Nest lack of Motion/Person Triggers to turn light off

Trying to set up an automation that turns off my lights if a person/motion is NOT detected in a room for X minutes. I actually just recently learned that Motion/Person/Sound/Doorbell alerts are possible in the Nest HA integration! However, since they’re not integrated as binary sensors, it’s super easy to miss that they exist. It also makes using them as anything other than the trigger in an automation really difficult me for to figure out.

I’ve got a PIR sensor that turns on lights in my workshop as soon as I enter it. However, the area I typically work in is too far for the sensor to see me moving, so I’ll routinely get the lights shut off on me while I’m working. Since the Nest cam can see the whole workshop and detects motion in any area, I’d love to use that as the device that turns off the lights. I actually have this up and running on Homekit via Homebridge, but I’d love to get everything inside Home Assistant.