Nest Learning Thermostat vs Ecobee - Home Assistant

Hey Guys -

Home Assistant Noobie here. Just wanted to get opinions on Nest Thermostat vs Ecobee;

Which integrates with Home Assistant better?
Automation support for both thermostat.

I have a new Nest Learning thermostat sitting on my shelve; Holding back on installing it because I read through the community posts that Nest Integration isn’t intuitive, stable and is missing some basic features.

Any inputs are truly appreciated.

search the forums. There have been many comparison threads of not just these two thermostats but also others compared to these two. Personally I like Ecobee, but not for the Home Assistant integration. I like it for the hardware and the extra remote sensors. The integration is just a bonus feature to me really. I like data and the Ecobee provides a lot. I had a Nest in a previous house that was integrated into my Home Assistant before the accounts switched to the Google or “works with” type account which dropped the developer support. I didn’t have any problems with the integration, but I also never wrote any automations that directly controlled the thermostat.

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