Nest Protect 'None' and unavailable?


My first Nest Protect arrived, and managed to add the integration successfully. That is, my account is valid and recognized, and sensors are created, but they all are ‘none’:

the Nest App sees the Protect fine,

so I know it is online, and the test is successfully run.

have all settings in a dedicated package:


  client_id: !secret nest_client_id
  client_secret: !secret nest_client_secret
      - 'online'

      - 'co_status'
      - 'smoke_status'
      - 'battery_health'
      - 'color_status'

What could I be missing here? Unless the package isn’t accepted?
btw, are the quotes really necessary? Is about the only config page suggesting the need for them…
thanks for having a look.

for reference:
this is solved…somehow it needed an extra restart, and on the go Ive changed the names in the entity_registry.

might need a thermostat for the Eta sensor to be of value, (and I don’t) but at least I can see the entities as per config.

Hi, I’ve added 3 Nest protects today but they all show up as none. Various server restarts later this is still the case. My nest account is still the legacy “works with nest” kind. @Mariusthvdb want did you mean with extra restart?

tbh, I dont remember… I did away with the Nest shortly after that, because Google closed their Api.
I a HA restart doesn’t help, maybe it was the Nest that needed the restart? Sorry, Im not much of a help…