Nest Protect UI Light Color/Motion Sensor

New to Home Assistant, really enjoying it thus far. I added the Nest Protect and was hoping to wire their motion sensor capabilities into lighting up nearby areas at night.

While the Nest API doesn’t give you direct access to the motion tracker as a sensor, it does have a ui_color_state which mirrors the light’s behavior. If it is set up to light up based on motion or be a nightlight, it turns white instead of its usual color, so this would provide exactly the behavior I’m looking for to trigger other automation.

Any chance of getting the ui_color_state API exposed so that it can be used in this way?

Thanks, and glad to be part of the community. I may end up digging into this myself once I dig into things a bit more!


Would be interested in this as well - only problem is, the Nest API is cloud polling, which means if the pathway light is illuminated for 5 seconds, you’d have to poll it in those 5 seconds to see that.

Nest API has been changed to cloud push. You can get near real-time status change now. Create a PR to add color_status sensor.

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Out of interest @awarecan does this provide the functionality @scottd asked for? I.E. can it be used to detect motion?

I don’t have Nest Protect, so I don’t know. Per the API document, it will return gray, green, yellow, and red. However, I never seen gray in the simulator, hope that gray color used for nightlight.

The change has been merged into dev, you can try it now from dev branch, or wait for next release.

I tried using the app to see what colours it uses. I know green is ok, Yellow is alert red is alarm so it can only use gray. Honestly I would expect that to mean disconnected thought.


Doesn’t look like this can be used for presence detection unfortunately.