Nest Question For Existing Accounts


I have a Nest Developer Account and have had it for many years. I recently got a new Raspberry Pi for Home Assistant as my old one died, SD card as well.

To make it clear, I am aware of the Nest issues with Home Assistant where they discontinued the API for new customers and things will be transitioning to Works With Google.

I am unclear if I can add devices to my existing Developer Account. This is what happens when I try.

If I am unable to do so, is there a file I could take from my other SD card which would provide the authentication.

I too thought that I’d be grandfathered in after a VM failure, but I get the same issue.
EDIT: I get the same issue for other systems as well, not just HA.
I don’t think you’re allowed to re-authorize any devices anymore via this method.

Sounds like you’ll have to resort to other methods until big G gets their act together.
The Pixel event made it sound like they’re headed in the right direction.
We all know it should have been worked out before they killed WWN.

Good luck.

Thanks! Thats what I was thinking buy wanted to confirm.