Nest SDM not publishing messages to pub/sub subscription

Anyone else having issues with not being able to see any messages in pub/sub?

I’ve reset up the partner integration a few times and even manually made a device.list API call successfully per these docs, but can’t seem to get any messages / events to show up. Wondering if it’s just me.

There are some examples for how to debug at the bottom here Nest - Home Assistant

If it’s a nest hub max, that is known to not publish events due to a nest issue that the nest folks are working on. Otherwise, check permissions in the google home app that may be limiting notifications.

Thanks @allenporter. I realized that it was actually working, but the messages are not actually visible after they get delivered in cloud console or in the log book (new to HA) which wasn’t obvious to me. Ended up getting it working.

Are we sure that someone on the Nest team is actually looking into this? If I’m not mistaken, this issue has existed now for almost a year.

Are there reports of anyone being able to see published event notifications (via the SDM API) from the Hub Max in 2022? (I’m curious whether there’s literally no support for it, or it’s an intermittent/firmware/etc. problem.)

It’s crazy that it’s been over a year and I’m still annoyed that I migrated away from the badnest web gui hack. I guess that’s still the only way to get events for (labeled) face detection.

Yes, I’ve confirmed someone is looking into it and Nest QA was able to reproduce the issue.

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Thanks! That’s comforting to know.

This has been resolved and nest hub max events should be getting published (confirmed by a few other users)