Nest set temperature service not working after 0.96 update

I just updated to 0.96, and made the climate changes from operation_mode to hvac_mode. I use AppDaemon to set the temperature on a nest thermostat and a radio therm thermostat. I use the call:

self.call_service('climate/set_temperature', entity_id=therm_name, temperature=target)

Where therm_name=‘climate.nest_name’ and target is a float value.

This call works fine on the radio therm, but doesn’t do anything on the nest following the update to 0.96. Not even an error.

Worked on both prior to 0.96.


Could be related to the depreciation of the NEST Api. Does the service call work from home assistant?
If it doesn’t work from home assistant then it’s not related to AppDaemon.

Sorry, i should have responded to my own post on this. Turns out Nest will only tolerate so many API hits an hour, and during testing i exceeded that.

It is not an appdaemon issue.