Nest temperature history doesn't show up in Lovelace history graph

I have a Nest thermostat hooked up to HASS and working well. From the regular UI page, I have a Climate panel, and if I click on the nest I get a graph that shows the temperature from the nest without any problems.


Now in my Lovelace configuration I’ve created a history graph and I want to show the Nest temperature along with the other temperature sensors that I have.

- type: history-graph
    title: Temperature History
      - sensor.dining_room_thermostat_temperature
      - sensor.dining_room_thermostat_humidity
      - sensor.entrysensor_temperature

Unfortunately the temperature just fails to show up on the card. As you can see the other temperature works properly and the humidity graph works properly.


Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

check your logs. Also, do are you using recorder?

I didn’t see anything obvious when I looked in the logs before, and I’m not explicitly disabling the recorder.

However in trying to dig into the logs a bit deeper I DID notice that this sensor was marked as hidden in my customization.yaml. Making it non-hidden seems to have made it start showing up. It’s still not giving me the same amount of history I have on the non-Lovelace view though.

Since Lovelace this page/section is not auto-generated does it make sense for hidden to hide it? Seems like Lovelace should just ignore this value. Does this seem like something I should make a bug for?

Hmm… it looks like Lovelace is still getting it’s info from somewhere else. The non-lovelace graph shows a bunch of history for the past 24 hours at least whereas lovelace history-graph only shows data from what looks like the last time I restarted hass. It’s only about an hours worth of data.

Well that’s typically an indication that you aren’t storing the history. So I would look towards your recorder configuration, if you have one. If you don’t, something else is going on.

I do not have a recorder configuration. I’m just using the default.

And as I said before given that the regular graph DOES show a history, that seems to imply that the data is being stored somewhere already. It’s only on the Lovelace graph that it doesn’t show anything.

This is only true if you aren’t using recorder, which is why I’ve been trying to get that information out of you. Which you didn’t explicitly answer until now, you kinda danced around the answer.

Anyways, the next place to look is the logs. The home assistant text logs, not the info page in the UI. There may be an error that is getting posted when it tries to create the history graph. It’s odd that the entire graph doesn’t appear. Also, what happens when you remove that sensor? Or what happens when you add it twice? There could be an indexing issue where the first item doesn’t appear.

Sorry petro, I wasn’t trying to be cagey about the recorder stuff. My first response was going to be “no I’m not using recorder” since I didn’t have anything configured, but I thought that might have been more confusing. I could have been more clear.

I’ve been digging around in the raw logs and I upped the default logger configuration to “DEBUG” to see if I could see anything else, but I haven’t seen anything that could point to a problem yet. The websocket logs are pretty verbose and I think that I might need to dig a bit further into those to see if I can find any details.

Is there any easy way for me to determine where Lovelace gets information for it’s graphs that might be different from where the legacy UI gets it’s info?

They are basically sql calls inside your history database if recorder isn’t being used. When you use recorder, they go to whatever database you decide to use. Then history looks at the recorder stuff. So it will be inside your home-assistant.db file and you maybe be able to run a query on it.

You shouldn’t need DEBUG to see the issue. It would be an error or warning which should show on the INFO level. If nothing is showing up at those levels then DEBUG would be the way to go, but man does it get verbose. What does your history configuration look like? Also, what do these devices look like on your history page?

After removing the “hidden” tag from the Customization.yaml it appears that recorder is collecting the data as expected. For whatever reason the Climate control on the Legacy UI was still able to store and retrieve the temperature history regardless. Maybe it was depending on calling some API directly on the Nest to retrieve that or something.

Everything appears fine in History as well. I’m going to fiddle around with marking the device as hidden and seeing if that resets the history or anything. like that. Basically at this point in time I think the bug should be: “If you have a sensor marked as hidden, Lovelace or some other part of the system should at minimum log a warning if you have something that’s explicitly attempting to display a sensor that’s hidden”. If that seems like a reasonable statement I’ll make an issue and see if I get a chance to look into it later.