NEST Thermostat entity not available

I THINK I’ve identified a pattern that this (see pic) happens if I restart more than once in a short timespan (which unfortunately we HA users have to do, right?)

I’m having the same problem. I was wondering if it was regarding the block of user data that discussed a while ago.

Me too. But then…they claim they’re not actually doing that?

Have you also noticed it’s linked to frequent restarts?

If so; maybe they’re clamping down on API use?

I hadn’t thought of that but I did go through a few reboots yesterday trying to add a zwave motion sensor.

edit: I rebooted this morning after letting it sit overnight and it’s back up. Could be a API usage issue, or a Nest system issue.

Nest went out yesterday early evening (UK time), around 17:00GMT.
I had a series of related automations trigger (Protect sensor state etc) and then clear. I’ve had no issues since then

I should mention - even when the integration IS working for the last two weeks two sensors/entities just will not show