Nest Thermostat Integration Setup Fails

Hi. I have three nest thermostats that i used to have linked to HA. There is a new type of integration, i think its called app authentication, that needs to be used as the old way is deprecated. I’ve followed the instructions here: Nest - Home Assistant
But when i get to the final step, the part that is in Home Assistant, i enter all my information from the previous steps. When i get to the new window where i select my google account (“This step requires you to visit an external website to be completed.”), i receive the message: “Can’t link to julyhaintegration. Please contact julyhaintegration if the issue persists”

I’ve tried 4 or 5 times following the written and video instructions and cant get past this part. Not sure if my old integraion is getting in the way or what but at a loss as ot how to resolve. Thanks!

Home Assistant 2022.7.7
Supervisor 2022.07.0
Operating System 8.4
Frontend 20220707.1 - latest

See the troubleshooting in the nest integration docs. Most likely application credentials (new UI) are not matched.

Thanks allenporter. I have read through that and think ive done everything correctly. One note, there is a video on the nest integration docs. In that video, the first screen in HA after clicking the My:add integration button shows several steps: 2022-08-05_08-56-56

I dont see that when i do the integration

Further, once he hits submit, he is taken to a screen where it asks for Application Credentials. I am never asked for my application credentials. I put in the Cloud Project ID, and then it asks for the Device Access Project ID. So it would seem to be using my old application creds but i dont see a way to remove them.

Got it! I had to delete my old creds. I’d seen that step in the troubleshooting but misunderstood it and thought i needed do select the “Application Credentials” link from the already configured nest integration. Dumb mistake, thank you!

I have gotten everything setup up correctly to the point I can authorized my account through the integration and give google permission for my devices and then instead of recognizing my devices the integration just throws me back asking for my Project ID again and this time won’t even take my valid ID. Is there some way to reset the whole integration to restart from fresh? I have reset my thermostat and put it into a different room and followed all the troubleshooting guides. I have been at this for over 3 weeks and still cannot get my google thermostat integrated into my home assistant. Any help is appreciated.