Nest thermostat not working

I left for lunch, and home assistant set my house to away mode, including putting Nest in Eco. When I came back, it didn’t change Nest’s state. Well, it tried, but nothing changed. Home Assistant has no Nest-related errors in the logs, even with debug turned on, it happily lets me adjust the nest but none of the settings take effect. The Nest app works fine.

This is the second time in a few weeks that Nest has stopped working in a similar way. Hopefully it returns. Is there a way to confirm it’s not on home assistants side?

I’ve found that sometimes Nest requires you to ‘reaccept’ the developer access to your device through the Nest app. I’m not sure if this is related to changes in the Nest API library, or what. I haven’t figured out the direct causal factor. When this happens to me, I get the exact same symptoms you describe.

It is certainly annoying and makes the use of the Nest in any home automation system less useful. You are never sure that your system is interacting correctly! In the future, I will be looking for a device with a local control option that doesn’t require a cloud service.