Nest thermostat on 0.34.2

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has more input into the nest platform I’ve upgraded my install to the latest 0.34.2 and ever since I’m missing a lot of sensor like outdoor humidity and temp it seems these were removed from the config page as well?

Question is why?


The short version is, we apparently have been using an unsupported, undocumented API. The new version uses the official Nest API. This unfortunately removes some sensors but I have to say, it does help to clean up the configuration.

More info here: New nest component - loss of functionality?

See here. New nest component - loss of functionality?

I think some of them are still there but may not be supported, some are gone. Im going to try and put together something to compare the before and after.

Thanks to both of you guys I’m following the other topic as well so if you post an update I will see it also I will look into other methods to get back the info I want at least this fixes the issue where values where mixed up


In fact I was using parts of however this seems to have stopped working as well