Nest Thermostat Sensors

I managed to intergrate our Nest Thermostat, works well.

Now we have 4 temperature sensors and want to pull these sensors so we can base the heating on these readings.

Any idea where I should look at?
Thank you

The extra nest sensors? The sdm apo does not support those. The best you can do is pick a primary in the nest app I think.

You’d probably need to get some extra cheap zwave sensors or something, or use another custom component or other integration.

Thank you @allenporter you’re right, I can get zigbee sensors and use the data to turn the furnace on/off and open/close vents.

Did you happen to solve this?

Trying to think of a way to use a group sensor of temp data to control the Nest to match the group sensor temp data vs. the Nest thermostat’s temp (or Nest pucks for that matter).