Nest thermostat showing off even though it isn't

So the past couple of months I have been noticing that Home Assistant has been displaying my thermostat as off at odd times of the day. I thought nothing of it and just turned it back on in Home Assistant the first couple of times. It was an intermittent issue. Now, the past couple of days it has been consistent. My wife told me yesterday while I was at work that the thermostat was off and she turned it back on in Home Assistant. Today while working from home I noticed it happened again. But, I confirmed on the Nest app and at the physical thermostat that it is actually still on. I also happened to notice in the Home Assistant Logbook that it changed to the state of “turned off” at noon. This is the exact time I have it scheduled in the Nest app for it to change cooling temperature to a lower temperature in preparation for the heat of the afternoon.
What is the best way to troubleshoot and get to the root cause of this issue?
Even now I am looking at Home Assistant and it displays that the Nest is Cooling but is off.
Is this a bug? Is there a way to collect logs to see what it is happening? If so, how would I do that?

Just an update:
This issue has not occurred since I originally reported it. Which proves one of two things: 1.) It’s still intermittent or 2.) The update I applied on the 4th may have fixed the problem.
I will continue to monitor and report. However, if anyone else has experienced this issue and knows the fix, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

The incident happened again yesterday.
Any assistance to fix this annoyance would be greatly appreciated.


I have the same Problem with my Nest Thermostat (Gen 2). It happens a couple times a day, always at a full hour. Home Assistant shows the “Off” State and the Thermostat itself is on “Heat”. I have all automations in the Nest App and Google Home app turned off for the thermostat, and also all features like “Auto-Schedule”, “Early-On”, “Cool to Dry”, “Sunblock” or “Airwave” are deactivated. But it is still happening.

My Problem is that I have Automations in Home Assistant that rely on the state. To compensate I have written a second Automation to turn the Thermostat back on if the Outside Temperature is negative but now in spring I switch between on and off manually (through Home Assistant) and if at the next full hour it turns off in Home Assistant the automations are not running anymore.