Nest Thermostat VS Ecobee

So I’m currently in the process of building a new home and my contractors put in a fresh air damper(economizer) and a whole home humidifier in the plans along with my forced air heater. I purchased a used 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat(that came with 3 sensors) because I liked the look and features it has so that I could connect it with HA(especially now that they made the integration process easier)

The only problem is Nest does not support fresh air dampers however Ecobee does I believe. Which brings up the question, is there any way to integrate the damper(specific one has not been chosen) with home assistant to work well with the nest? Or do I sell the nest and go with an Ecobee4 since it supports dampers and humidifiers and can be integrated with HA?

I’ve been an Ecobee user for a few years. You couldn’t get me to switch, no matter what. They’re just that good/easy.

Care to comment on why? I’m shopping for a smart thermosat as well

The user interface is simple, direct, and most of all, useful. Nothing complicated, nothing obtuse. Their phone apps mimic the thermostat almost 100%. Essentially, your phone screen echos the thermostat screen. The worst problem I’ve had in over three years? One of the remote sensors started going through batteries quickly. Ecobee replaced the sensor free of charge. Twice, Home Assistant “lost” the Ecobee integration. Neither one was a huge issue, and it’s never done it again. I attribute this to the interface being relatively new at the time, and things being updated. To summarize, the thermostat is high quality, the apps are high quality, everything works the way it’s supposed to, and outside of a handful of minor wrinkles early on, it’s been flawless in all aspects.

On the other hand,
I’m not so sure about Google’s handling on its Nest product line (or smart home in general) in the long run. They could and would discontinue things, or change things around.

They have done so before, multiple times:
Nest is permanently disabling the Revolv smart home hub - The Verge
Google Discontinues ‘Works With Nest,’ Breaking IFTTT Integrations - Variety
Google discontinues its Google Nest Secure alarm system - The Verge

Sure ecobee might do the same, but at least its track records (so far) are a lot better than Google’s.

Your right. I should probably cut my losses before I get too integrated. I just really like the style of the Nest. Now quick question about the ecobee, does it support a fresh air damper AND a humidifer being installed and connected to it and also be able to control them individually?

From what I have seen both need to be connected to ACC+ and Com so I am curious how it would be able to control each unit individually.

You should have just linked