Nest vs ecobee vs?

Last April I bought a Nest thermostat for my new house. But I couldn’t install it since it wasn’t ready yet. Nevertheless by next month the latest I have to install a thermostat. The problem is that now I realised that Nest couldn’t be installed in HA. I have talked with and I can return it.

My first thought was to buy an Ecobee, but I don’t know if it supports a second (separate) wifi command to open the boiler for example. I need it because I would like to turn on my water heater.

The other problem is I don’t know if it is easy to have a “clean” install since here we operate with 220v power and I read that ecobee needs 12V.

Is there any other alternatives that you could suggest?

I can’t comment on the second wifi command as I don’t use that and to be honest I don’t even know what you mean.

For the clean install, it gets the power from your furnace, not from mains. I don’t remember all of the details however newer furnaces have an extra wire that goes to the thermostat for the power, mine did not have that however the Ecobee, comes with an adapter that you connect to the furnace so that you don’t need to run extra wires. For me the install was simple and easy. The instructions are very easy to follow.

Good luck

Thanks for your comments
What I am asking is if ecobee can control 2 hard wired devices. One for home heating (which it does) and one more for the water heating so I can have access to both of the through the ecobee app or home assistant. Hope that make sense now

Ahh, that makes more sense.
Check their website.

If you know what wires area available then you can use the compatibility checker

Hello, ya!!
I think we should consider honeywell too.
Very much good experience I am having with this brand.
Honeywell Wifi Thermostats is good pick from bunch of other thermostats.