Nest Wired Doorbell - worth the trouble of google?

I have a $65 credit sitting at the google store and nothing I really need, but have been thinking about a video doorbell. I have outside security cameras but that angle (to see faces there vs looking down from above) is not well covered. Battery didn’t interest me, wired does. I use 24x7 recording with BlueIris, and my current doorbell is automated by a esphome sensor that notices it being triggered and that link is all I need, not app-based notification on my phone.

Looking at the integration one has to jump through a LOT of hoops (and apparently changing hoops) to get it working, and it is not completely obvious what you end up with (e.g. can I still pull 24x7 RTSP from it into BlueIris).

Others, like Amcrest, seem much more straightforward and local. Though (especially considering my pending credit) more expensive.

Short version: With the goal of primarily local integration, doorbell sense to trigger automation and 24x7 recording, is the WIRED nest doorbell worth fooling with? Or are the google hoops just not worth it?


Short answer: no.

Google doorbell does not like local. And you have to pay subscriptions to keep it useful.

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More or less what I expected, but thanks for confirmation. Will have to find something else to spend the $65 on (they gave it to me for screwing up a Pixel return).