Nest x Yale Lock


Has anyone heard any news on how HA will support the new Nest x Yale Lock that was just released? Will this integrate with the Nest component?

Link for reference: Nest x Yale Lock


Would also like to know this.

Installed the nest x and nest smoke detector. After a reboot of hassio the smoke and co show up but no reference to the lock.

ditto - is there anything that needs to happen for this to work?

Since Google dropped Works with Nest; there is zero support. There may be some support when Google launches the replacement - dubbed “Works with Hey Google”.

I am hoping when this comes up / Google Device Access that soon thereafter it might be manageable within HA.

I was at one point looking to see if there is a way to more directly communicate with Google Home, i.e. a way to type commands to Google. Then I could periodically use it to “tell Nest to lock the front door” etc. But I ran out of desire/patience, but I bet it’d be a workaround.

I think the vendor (Nest / Yale - but not Google) literally decided that they do not wait to expose the unlock trait to a security device; which in theory makes sense.

Lock capabilities are present; however, but not yet within the integration.

Since I expect most commenters in this topic to be owners of a Next x Yale lock, I was wondering what the latest was with this device. Is it possible now to lock and unlock with Home Assistant?

I’m trying to help a friend with a HomeKit integration in his new home that had legacy devices left by the former owner.


also looking for an update on this.

Also looking into this. I get not allowing unlock but locking and state should be available to consumers. Would love to know if anyone got this to work

It’s not available in the official Nest SDM API. (E.g. You can imagine scenarios with malicious use of lock as well, but agree unlock is much riskier)

I could see Matter being the answer here, though not clear if these devices would support matter.