Nested Areas?

I am about to finally start using areas.
But right when I want to begin I find my first obstacles:
Seems like right now areas cannot be nested and entities cannot be assigned to multiple areas.

When I try to group entities into meaningful sets I quickly realized that I think about groups within groups and about intersecting groups: The kitchen is part of the ground floor. It would be nice to address all entities in the eastern wing of the house, no matter which room they belong to. Some items are “outside” but not all of them are within the garden.

Are there any plans to implement nested areas and many-to-many relations between areas and entities?

Or do I just get the whole concept wrong?


Same question here. I just redid my entire setup after having been stuck on 0.6x for a while.

Without nesting areas seem pretty pointless to me TBH.

I started with HA a few weeks ago and created Areas like:


I was hoping to nest the areas this way but as far as I understood areas right now I cannot access this information in Node Red or Prometheus - which makes it quite useless to me.

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That’s one of the things I miss most from openHAB, being able to do all kinds of nested grouping.

It’s much more basic over here, with lots of manual work to do what could be automatic.
(But I still like it much more than openHAB…)

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