Nested attributes in new Entity attribute type card

I have a sensor with nested attributes, like so:

Time: '2021-04-25T08:37:00'
  Sealevel: 1006.64
  Humidity: 57.9
  Temperature: 52.6
  Pressure: 1003.38

that I’m trying to display in the new Entity card that can use type: attribute like so:

  - entities:
      - type: attribute                            
        entity: sensor.bme280_garage       
        attribute: BME280.Temperature        
        name: Temperature         

Top level attributes work fine.

But it’s not working when I try to get a nested attribute. I’ve tried BME280.Temperature, BME280_Temperature, 'BME280:Temperature', just plain Temperature, and the lower case equivalents.

Does anyone know if/how to access nested attributes in this way? Thanks for any help.
(core version: 2021.4.3)

Hi, did you find how to do this? I am having the same issue.


In attribute, write only the name of the attribute, You can see the name in the developer tools

Example code from my config:

type: entities
title: Purificador
show_header_toggle: false
  - entity: fan.purificador
    secondary_info: last-changed
  - type: attribute
    entity: fan.purificador
    attribute: temperature

And here a picture of sensor in developer tools:

Edit: I think maybe I didn’t understand it well first time. Can you try with BME280[“Temperature”]

Nope, BME[“Temperature”] in the attribute slot did not work.

You won’t be able to access nested attributes from the front end without a custom card or template sensor.

I think this Lovelace card-templater card (Jinja2 card templating in Lovelace!) could be valid for what you want