Nested Group of Persons

I am trying to display an entity card for people at my house (and eventually create automatons). I have a group of residents (persons with device trackers) working, and now I am trying to create a group of “known persons” that includes the nested residents group and other non-resident known persons. I have created a group of know people that includes both persons and the residents group.

When I view the “known persons” entity I see the correct home/away status. However, when I add the known persons entity to a lovelace card I see a toggle instead of a status.

Here are my groups

  name: Residents
    - person.two
  name: Known People
    - group.residents
    - person.three


Does anyone have any ideas where I have gone wrong? Or is this a limitation with groups?

Toggling the known people group (which shouldn’t be there), give a error of a failed to call service:

My groups of persons are called “person.groupname”. Not “group.groupname”.

Though I have created them through the UI.

Thank you for the reply. I was under the impression groups could only be set via yaml?

How did you manage “person.groupname”? Is that a person, with different device trackers?

Actually I didn’t (now that I checked it again). I just made a person with all devices trackers of the person’s I’d like to group.

Nested persons would be a nice feature though. Maybe create a feature request?

Yeah I’m happy create a feature request, if needed. As you can see it appears to work though, just not appearing as expected in Lovelace. Maybe its a bug?

Does anyone have any experience trying this?

Hoping to keep this topic alive! Does anyone in the community know about this? Is there something I’m missing here or is this an issue I should submit?


I’m guessing it is a bug with lovelace? When the entity is displayed in an entity card (vs ‘entities’ card as above) it appears as expected: