Nesting of groups

I would like to create a view that has 2 “sub views” in it, basically 2 rows of cards, I tried this config:

  view: yes
  name: "The Weather"
    - group.weather_today
    - group.weather_tomorrow

  name: "The Weather"
    - group.weather_overview
    - group.weather_temperature
    - group.weather_precip
    - group.weather_wind
    - group.weather_air
    - group.weather_day_1

But unfortunately this gives me a card with 6 groups on that don’t do much.

Would it be possible to have groups render has their own card instead?

No. This is impossible by design. You can have views and groups in that. The only workaround is to create multiple views.

You might however try the new beta UI in 0.72 and see what that has in mind re. groups.