Netatmo attempt failed

Hello, everyone,
after restoring my HA backup, I lost access to my Netatmo thermostat. The HA message is this: “Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from fexx::7xx:7xx:98xx:dxxx (fexx::7xxx:7xxx:9xxx:dxxx). See the log for details”. I can’t figure out how to re-login Netatmo, or how to un-integrate the existing Netatmo integration (and then re-integrate it from scratch). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Ex post: the problem is obviously in the credentials of the Netatmo app. In Settings/Integration/Application credentials there is no data.
Maybe it would be enough if someone could advise me how to uninstall and (after HA restart) reinstall the Netatmo integration - I don’t see anywhere in the HA menu the option to uninstall the integration … Is it possible to do this in some YAML file?
Thanks again for any ideas!

I am replying to myself, however I am writing this here for someone who may have a similar problem.

Authentication problem solved as follows:

  1. I called my own account at
  2. Here is the menu My Account/Account Management/Third Party Apps
  3. There is a list of applications connected to the account
  4. Click into the “Home Assistant Cloud” app, select “Remove App”
  5. In Home assistant I brutally deleted the Netatmo integration
  6. I restarted HA
  7. I called wizzard “Add Integration” again, selected Netatmo
  8. On the Netatmo web page called by HA, I enabled the third party application

So in the end it wasn’t that complicated …