Netatmo away / comfort preset

First of all I am very new at home assistant and I have been trying to search Google and forum but I can’t figure out any possible answer i get.

I have a bunch of Netatmo thermostats connected to a relay and to my HomeKit and to home assistant.
When doing geofencing in HomeKit the changes to Netatmo can max last 12 hours.
It seems to me that I somehow can trigger stuff like the away function in the Netatmo app can be triggered directly from HomeKit and there or bypass the 12 hour limit.

I have been trying to make automation with my router so when both of our phones have lost connection to Wi-Fi it will activate the away presset thing

Now im pretty sure my device tracker thing right as I got it working with another automation where it chooses a scene

But Netatmo activation part I must have messed up somehow

Can someone tell me if

  1. This is even possible
  2. What I’m doing wrong/point me in the right position?

Using gui but if i can figure it out i can try yml too

The climate.set_preset_mode does exactly that. You have to select a target and choose a preset mode. You don’t need the quotes around the preset mode. That would actually cause it to not function as expected.

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First of all thank you so much for your answer!!

I did finally get it working

Not really sue what I did wrong though (my first try was without “”)

I ender up doing ‘away’ in yml and restarting home assistant and then it worked :blush:

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