Netatmo Camera light Issue since 2024.05

Since the update to 2024.05.0, the camera lights are no longer displayed as available.
However, the doorbell is still working so that webhooks can get through. However, this no longer works for the Presence lights.
No ban available…
Anyone having similar problems?

Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-02 um 20.24.29

Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-02 um 20.24.55

Yes I have the same issue.

I tried:

  • unregister and register webhook
  • reboot netatmo
  • reboot internet
  • reboot HA

None works, so I thinks something is off somewhere

@cgtobi I think you are the codeowner of netatmo?

Did already the same. Nothing solved the issue…

Seems like that we are the only 2…

me too :slight_smile:

same here.

seems its a general Issue. Solved the issue with the res command an helper :wink: no web hooks needed from extern!


    url: http://IP Cam/xxxxxx/command/floodlight_set_config?config=%7B%22mode%22:%22on%22%7D
    url: http://IP Cam/xxxxxxx/command/floodlight_set_config?config=%7B%22mode%22:%22off%22%7D

thanks , is this code for the config file ?

Yes you have to put it into your config File.

xxxx = dev key

Yes it is the token ! But please delete your infos from your post…