Netatmo Climate - Setting truetemperature from hassio

Hi all,

I do use Netatmo valves for the second year now and I have to set manually the true temperature many times to match the real room temperature.

To check the temperature, I use 2 LYWSD03MMC in each room (one near heater, one at the opposite) and I use the average value as reference. Of course All my LYWSD03MMC are set so that they match (temperature and humidity) to a single master thermometer.

Now, as I am lazy, I wish to find a way to set “True Temperature” on each valve using a script (or some scripts) in Hassio.

Unfortunately, the official Netatmo API doesn’t offer this possibility for now. But I found this thread using google taday and wonder if some of you that are used to developp could port it to Hassio.

It is done on Jeedom (some alternative ot Hassio) and it may be alose done on Hassio. It uses PHP commands sent to the official web service (as if you use the real web interface to set truetemperature) :

Original thread can be found here :

It is in french but I am confident that it could be easily understandable using google traduction.

So if someone is interested to have a look to this, that could make a quite nice feature to add to Hassio for Netatmo valves users !

ok, so I am trying to do the same and become a bit furious with it. So let’ do it together.

My case - I open the doors for two hours to change the air, the temperature drops to 7°C but when it becomes heating, valve shows 11°C while my temp sensor shows 18°C and there is definitely something closer to 18°C

I tried to set the attribute in climate entity but that sets it for HA not for NETATMO, so it is rewritten quickly and as it does not influence the way netatmo works, making a script doing this every 5s does not change anytning. This is not the way.

We can try to ask @cgtobi but he likes to let me dig this rabbit hole first before telling me how he is doing it :slight_smile:

Your HTTPS call to the API cannot be used with this?

So I played with it a bit and get used to the post commands to the API. Setting true temperature is not documented in the API or if it is, not in the visible part of API. However, the API apparently reacts on the command.

I got lost in the moment when I need to produce a token and use it in the command. That probably require some coding instead of formatting a simple post command. Setting modes such as away were surprisingly easy but setting true temperature returns error:

{"error":{"code":1,"message":"Access token is missing"}}

Hi, I’m looking for a way to set true temperature , did you find any solution?

Nope, I went to completely bypass netatmo app and use thermostat with a switch mode for my valves : ON is 21 degrees, OFF is 7 degrees.

I use an average sensor to have the temperature of the room the most accurate. Depending on the rooms, I use 2 or 3 temperature sensors.

It works well for now, much better than the native netatmo app !

The truetemperature endpoint is not available for third parties and even if it would work it is not officially endorsed by Netatmo. So, this wont get implemented neither in the Netatmo integration nor the underlaying library.

thanks for this information… too bad :frowning:

I did some tweaking and created a Python api based in fastapi to cover the gap of the missing official true temperature endpoint from netatmo.

In addition it interacts with mqtt to adapt home automation different options from the community

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Great ! How can I use this with HassOs ?


I found that thread. Has anyone implemented this on HA and is willing to give guidance?


Unless that API endpoint is officially documented it wont be implement in the official integration.

Sure, I understand that.

I was referring more to the post of redcorjo and his Python tool. I’m not deep enough into it to be able to use his work with HA.

I strongly advise against circumventing their rate limits. They already contacted use once because of such an incident.

Okay, understood. Thanks.

I will contact them and ask for a possibility to use Netatmo room temperature measurement to control the heating. In my case the true temperature is most of the time much warmer than the thermostat suggests. Maybe the listen and implement such a feature.

Hi @cgtobi,

This API access point seems to be officially documented.

Can you add this command to your integration?

Thanks in advance and have a good week.

Good morning,

Would it be possible to get a response whether positive or negative?


The room temperature setting is meant to control the setpoint for the heating. Not calibrate the temperature reading of the valve.

I guess …

Thank you very much for your feedback.

After rereading indeed I think you’re right. :grin:

What’s frustrating for me is that on Jeedom the netatmo plugin really brings us the equivalent of the functionalities we have on the mobile app.

It’s rare but for once I feel limited by Home assistant when it comes to heating.

As I’m in the middle of a migration, I’m obliged to keep jeedom to manage my heating, as all the rest of my home automation will migrate to Home assistant.

I’m also missing the choice of schedule with this official plugin, as well as the choice of modes (frost protection, absent, etc.).

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback.

(French>English translation by Deepl)

As @maehmann correctly stated, the mentioned API endpoint is for setting the room temperature and is used by the integration. I understand your frustration. Apart from the truetemperature setting, could you elaborate what you are missing? The Integration does support presets for frost guard, away and so on.