Netatmo component only sometimes get values from the cloud

Hi there.

I have a strange behavior of my netatmo devices. All the values i get from the cloud.
My hardware is a inside and a outside module. The inside module does work perfect.
The outside module streams the values to the cloud service to. I can see them on the Android App or on the Website. But they do only appear sometimes. Not even one value arrived on Home Assistance from 12:00am till 08:00am.

To show you the values this morning.

And then again on Home Assistant.


This is the code:

  api_key: XXXXX
  secret_key: XXXXXX
  username: XXXXXXX
  password: XXXXXXX

  - platform: netatmo
    station: Home
        - temperature
        - humidity
        - co2
        - noise
        - temperature
        - humidity

Is there any limitation on the API?

Best regards Buhi