NETATMO custom component for HACS

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I want to thank you all first for doing a so cool community with tons of very useful information and stuff for all the people like me who are newbie in computing and automation. :wink:

My question is about Netatmo.

I’ve just bought a set of thermostat and 6 valves and I’ve seen that there was a repository to add them to Home Assistant by HACS without need the cloud…
I’ve gone to the github site but it seems that the packages are not availables anymore.

I wonder if it could be possible to get the custom components to add my Netatmo devices to Home assistant by HACS.

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It’s an out of the box integration…no custom component needed.
Have a look here

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I’ve seen that and i had integrated by the normal integrations at the beginning but I saw that it was connected by the cloud and i suppose that it depends of its paying service (5€ per month)… or I’m wrong?

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You don’t need the Home Assistant Cloud for the Netatmo integration.

If you are using the Webhooks feature of this integration then you do have to have your HA instance accessible remotely…so maybe thats what your reading about cloud??


This is what I see in fact and when I link the integration with my account it appears de logo of the association and im redirected to the site of Nabucasa.
I had the same thing when I tried to do it with the Somfy material and I finally found a custom component for Somfy to associate it without passing by the cloud.

This image and the association to the Nabucasa site makes me think that there is a cloud link.

Do you use it Netatmo with the original home assistant integration too?

I read about this project: [] but it’s no available anymore…

I’m sorry for my newbie questions but I’m discovering step by step this world. :rofl: :joy:

Thanks again for yout reply.

At a guess I’d say you have the HA Cloud activated…

Assuming that’s the case then the default is to link your integrations via the HA Cloud. Supposed to make things easier in terms of setting integrations up…I’m not using that myself so can’t really comment more from that perspective

I’ve donne the test. I’ve removed the default config and i’ve reincluded all the elements of the config unless the cloud.
The cloud is now disappeared (one good thing done) but when I try to add the Netatmo integration from HA, a message tells me that is not possible and i have to follow the documentation.

Where can i find the entries or the files to add manually the Netatmo thermostat and the connected Valves?

Thank you very much for your patience :wink:

Try the HA equivalent of turn off then back on :thinking: :grin:

Uninstall the Integration, restart HA (to remove any config files, etc), then reinstall the Integration…should be good to go then :+1:

Home Assistant Cloud has nothing to do with the subscription service by Nabu Case. It is free. But for sake of responsiveness of the Netatmo devices I recommend setting up a development account as described in the documentation.

Thanks for your answer!
I’ve finally chosen to make a developer account it is faster and it works perfectly for the moment. We’ll see for the longterm but this is a really good beginning.

Happy christmas and happy new year :wink:


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I bought the full system of Netatmo Security including the Siren, the camera and the 3 doors motion sensors. I’m trying to include them in home assistant to make a alarm system but the 3 doors sensor and the siren are not detected in the Neatatmo extension.
Could you help me please?
Thanks, have a nice day

Sure, I can try but you have to provide more details.