Netatmo doorbell HomeKit controller device

Hi all.

Very green HA user here.

I have had the Netatmo integration for a couple of months and I get still shots from the camera in my dashboard. I had given up on getting any other devices/ entities because I could not get webhooks to work, but a few days ago HA automatically discovered some Netatmo stuff and a different installer prompted me for the code on the back of the doorbell. I filled in the info and I got a sensor for presence and one more I cant remember. I believe the new devices/ entities where under the HomeKit controller, not the Netatmo integration. Hope was renewed.
They never changed state from “unavailable”/ “Idle” so today I decieded to delete the Netatmo integration and the device in the HomeKit controller and try to ad them again, but I am only able to ad the Netatmo integration, and I cant get the device under HomeKit controller back.

I have made an app in, set up the client ID and client secret in the netatmo integration, and webhooks are enabled.

Any pointers to how I can get the HomeKit device back and working?